Patrik Dufresne Service Logiciel inc. is now IKUS

It is with great joy and excitement that we officially announce the new corporate name of Patrik Dufesne Service Logiciel inc. Introducing IKUS! The culmination of the company’s evolution, which is no longer only associated to its leader, Patrik Dufresne, but to a team of individuals dedicated to licensed open source software creation and development with the aim of optimizing client management processes in Canada as well as the United States and Europe, while participating in the community good. This new business name comes with a new visual identity that is revealed herewith. It will soon be available throughout all our communication tools. So, stay tuned!

IKUS, its name was a given

The word "ikus" comes from the username "ikus060" which Patrik Dufresne has used as a pseudonym for his development tools since the age of 12. In delveing further into the origin of this word, it turns out that it means "look, consider, examine, verify and support” in the Basque language. It couldn't get any better! The choice was indeed the best way to represent a company dedicated to observing management processes in order to put in place software that meets the needs of its clients, with the goal of providing outstanding customer service. Always trying to support you in simplifying and optimizing your processes, IKUS will continue to offer open source software solutions that will help you plan your human resources, while safeguarding and recovering your data processes as well as your information processing.

A new image !

It goes without saying that a new business name comes of course with the establishment of a new visual identity. We are pleased to unveil herewith the IKUS logo comprised of the company's new name integrated into an image of a stylized eye and its iris. This eye reflects our expert perspective on the management processes you encounter in your industry, as well as our ability to monitor and analyze systems to provide accessible and easy-to-use software solutions to meet your needs while participating in the good of the community. This image is also actually a wink, by its circular and open shape, to the open source logo, but here with an upward aperture. The eye is framed on each side by the chevrons used in programming and the 3 grey stripes in the U representing hard drives and databases. The logo is available in two versions, either on a white or black background.

Keep an eye on our new website.

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