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IKUS Software supports small and medium-sized businesses by being their IT partner par excellence, whether it be for the management of their backup data or their technological infrastructure. We are able to provide remote or on-site support and meet your specific needs to make your business more profitable. Here is what we did for a veterinary clinic.

Business sector​

Veterinary Clinic


Standardization of the technological infrastructure for efficient operation of the tools (computers / cameras / Wi-Fi / telephone / imaging scanner)

Company Size

6 employees


Support in the choice of integrated technological tools and reconstruction of the entire network

1. The observation

Like most companies that do not have an in-house IT department, the veterinary clinic was hiring different vendors to meet their technology needs, with several tools running in isolation and creating outages as a result. One of the first issues they encountered was that the Wi-Fi wasn't working on the second floor of the building. That's when we stepped in, first to equip the company with an adequate wireless installation, and then to review their entire infrastructure.

2. Our intervention

  • On-site analysis of the tools used: computers/cameras/Wi-Fi/phone
  • Establishment of a diagnosis
  • Choice of appropriate tools and redirection to competent suppliers to purchase them
  • Replacement of tools
  • Installation of the network
  • Setting up a data backup system for the veterinary imaging scanner:
    • Communication with vendor
    • Analysis of the information provided
    • Integration of data backup software

3. The Result

By doing business with us, the veterinary clinic is assured of using the services of a single intermediary who acts as an IT expert by proposing and implementing solutions that allow it to optimize and make its operations more profitable. Our solid expertise allows us to meet very specific technological needs. And over time, a true relationship of trust has been established, making our company the main resource when a technological problem arises.

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